Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday 4/22

Sunny this morning and lots of wild turnip blooming around the area, some whole fields are covered with it.
The big excitement at work today was when the horses got through the fence and at first onto the campus and then the ran down the highway and cars were stopping. We scrambled after them and eventually the settled down at the elementary school down the road and the police blocked traffic as the boss got a halter on one and the other followed back down the highway and into the field. Hopefully they will stay there as there was plenty of grass and no need to run off. They must just miss Rebecca who is on vacation this week and takes care of them.
The supervisor was waiting for me in her queen's chair.
Another low flying airplane, this one is a C130 and was unusually quiet.
Our red bud tree is blooming, I keep telling people that it isn't red but nobody wants to hear it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday 4/21

Today I just have some photos taken outside an antique place near my mother's as we went to visit her. A mistake on my part, I should have stayed here, called in a short argument on the phone rather than wasting all day to drive there. The girls went shopping and I went to an antique place just to get out and take some photos and get my mind off of reality.
I am not sure what this statue was all about as I have seen none like it before.
Another statue with a tricycle and a pot. Strange combination there.
Not all statues, no they had vintage 1952 Ford F6 rust!
And what did I see next? It was Santa and his drunken reindeer laying over against the wall with Santa standing there as if to say "Hey!".
Finally my kind of chairs, they used to call these motel chairs as you would see them setting in front of those 1950s single story motels that were every few miles along the valley road.

Back home and took care of afternoon chores and now it is clouding and rain is predicted for tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday 4/20

The sun finally came out this morning after days of solid clouds. Wild turnips are in full bloom.
The supervisor was out with me and Aggy this morning but both got distracted to a particularly interesting clump of grass. Something like a bob cat or coyote must have pissed on it to get them to both become so absorbed in the scent.
 Hey dawg, this grass it smell nasty, no?
Dusty was watching them as they left the clump of grass and walked together up to the road, I think he sensed that this wasn't right. It was a real Disney moment, well until the supervisor must have realized what was happening and turned and attacked Aggy with hissing and kung fu claws. Ah, friends no more, Aggy just lay down as the supervisor angrily walked back to the house. The evil smelling grass lured them into a Disney moment but nothing more.
The seedlings got moved out to the green house this morning as it was already 60 inside.
When it gets too hot I just prop the window up a little.
A couple of the old chickens were sunning themselves, sometimes they lay there like they were road kill in weird poses.
I baked this for lunch, doesn't look like much but it turned out good. It was a turkey pot pie type of dish but instead of pie crust I made corn bread and poured the batter on top of the pie filling and it baked into a crust. I think this would be good with chili or even just pinto beans under it.

I didn't take any more photos as I just spent some time digging grass from between the rows of hops, it would have been a rather boring photo. I still have 2 more areas of grass to dig out and I plan to till it and plant field corn beside the hops as they can grow up on the corn this first year but next will need wood supports as they will be established.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday 4/19

After doing the morning chores I spotted the old lawn trailer that our renter left when he moved out. I suddenly realized that it was the start of a new chicken coop for the young birds which will free up the one they are in now for the hen should she hatch the eggs. So I started work.
I decided to use the walls that I got from the museum on the trip to Richmond. The hardest part of the whole project was to remove these neat old civil war photos from the wood walls as they were on with strips of some kind of adhesive. Each one was about 54 inches long so large enough for a coop.
 Finally the second one was off and I didn't damage them too badly.
So here it is with a piece of scrap roofing that I found covering up the front. The idea is to make it strong enough to keep most predators out, I won't call it bear proof though.
It is large enough for birds that can go outside and come in to roost.
I left the rear open but covered with chicken wire and installed a door that slides up to open. The steps also help balance the trailer as it is tail heavy and wants to tip back. The steps are hinged and will swing up when moving it.
View with door in up position.
I finished up in time to start afternoon chores.
One of the supervisors was waiting in the bird bath for birds and keeping an eye on my progress.
Some of the dandelions are starting to go to seed already.
Kind of hard to see but the tomato plants are growing.
The chicks are getting larger and feathers are coming out all over. Some have been using the roost ladder to climb around on.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday 4/18

Cloudy and cool all day but no rain. The big project for the day was to take the old 94 GMC truck out to Callaway to get the state inspection. The old guy who has done it for years died so both the car and truck need a new sticker. The truck was still covered with horse manure from the other day so maybe he didn't want to get too close to it but somehow with the addition of new wiper blades, it passed.
The car will be a different story and I will take it to an expert with computers and the codes they emit. But today was happy happy happy.
This was an old barn up behind the garage that I hadn't noticed before, sun would have been nice so I will stop by again some other morning.
A small church up the hill that looks to have been added on several times in the front.
A house beside the only market and gas station for miles around.
Back at home I took a large part of the hay roll out to Dusty's hay storage area so that it will be out of the weather and I can fork off the bottom part easier now.
This is about as much weight as you want to put on an old wheelbarrow without installing new wood.
Hard to see but the cabbage and broccoli seems to have survived the sub freezing nights. Old plants can take it but young transplants have a harder time of it.
I was out to get chicken feed today and got a package of Georgia Collard seeds as I want to try them as a hot weather green this year. I have seen them in the fall and they grow up high like Brussels sprouts as you remover the lower leaves. Something new.
Debbie and I went to town to get ink for her printer as believe it or not she couldn't email a paper to the teacher it had to be printed and sent through the post office. Talk about being in the wrong century, totally ridiculous plus we had to go buy ink. So we stopped at a Chines restaurant and I needed some color today and took photos of the fish.
They were very elusive and I think the camera looked like a big eye to them so they naturally swam away very quickly. So much for fish photos or Phish Fotos.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday 4/17

The fields were white with frost and even the wild turnips were drooping as it was 25F this morning.
It didn't seem to bother the rye which is starting to head.
Another busy day at work and I went over to the farm when I got off to take photos of the new lambs. Four so far and they seem to be doing good.
Some of the other girls. The ram is at another farm tearing up stuff there rather than here where he was causing problems.
An EA-6B flew over and looked down at us then did some maneuvers that would have eluded a surface to air missile by the sharp turns it made.
The animals weren't real happy with the whole show but soon settled down again.
  They have just put in four large raised bed gardens.
Fenced in and ready to plant if we ever get some dry weather and it warms up some.
The crops are varieties that would have been available to this area in 1800.
The outdoor oven is ready to go and they will give a class on using it. I have been thinking about building one at home but it is not at the top of the list of things to do yet.
Back home looking at the barley in the center and the tall rye to the left. The kale is starting to get buds so it will bolt and go to seed when it warms again. The cold didn't appear to hurt the hops so that was good news.
Lots of flowers blooming but I only saw one bee this afternoon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday 4/16

Sunny and nice light this morning but it was 28F degrees.
I was up during the night putting wood in the furnace as it felt like winter was back again.
The steers have eaten their new pasture down and are starting to eat hay again after not wanting any part of it for a week.
Busy day at work and I took the truck and brought back the large photographs that I got in Richmond, so big that they won't fit in the car.

Brought in 2 more wheelbarrows of firewood as it is supposed to be below freezing again tonight.

Looks warm out there as the sun sets.