Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday 8/31

The stick weed is blooming now and I saw some bees on it. Other than that it is a worthless weed and I have not seen anything other than some rare insects that will eat the stuff.
One of the projects of the day was to haul manure over from the barn and throw it on the plot that I was working on. It rained hard twice this afternoon which put an end to that. I was going to get manure out of the chicken coop but found a huge wasp nest in there and they had their wings up ready to launch about 2 squadrons on me so I decided to just leave them alone. They are the yellow paper wasps that catch a lot of caterpillars in the garden.
 The guy who hunts here was out checking his game cameras and someone has messed with 2 and one was only a couple hundred yards from the house so neither of us was real happy about that.
We talked about the deer and what not for awhile and then he disappeared back into the corn. This is a photo of him walking away, he is like a cat and you don't see him unless he wants you to.
I don't think he can talk to the animals but he can tell what they are saying.
Some of my popcorn.
My Indian corn, it is not as black as last year but the ears are nicely shaped and long.
The rose that Debbie planted. It had a yellow flower when she put it in the ground nearly 3 months ago and now it has an orange bloom. I didn't know that they changed color.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday 8/30

The hops continue to dry on the back seat of my car. I put them in there yesterday and the car smells really nice though I hope the police don't pull me over for anything and smell the beer odor.
Here is one for VDP, yes I am very slow at posting it. These are what our chestnuts look like, lots more spines than your variety. Tree urchins.
We went out this morning and got some more chicken feed. The chicks are getting a lot of feathers. Too bad 4 of 6 look to be roosters.
I spent much of the afternoon going over the wheat patch with a mower and chopping everything to where I was able to run the tiller over and tear up the ground. Next will be to put some manure on it and the till it more deeply.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday 8/28

We have had our fourth day without rain so I am working outside on my day off. We picked up my car last night and I have really good brakes now. Took it to town to get a new dowel to replace a broken section of my tree saw.

Not much dew on these cool mornings, the spiders probably have more luck with a dry web.
It was a little warmer this morning and enough moisture in the air to  make it interesting.
I was walking Dusty this morning and saw this face looking at me as I glanced at the ground. How about those fake eyes, they even have a highlight of sorts.
I found out on a web site that our Dominiker chicks are actually sex link. Dark feet and feathers are female and the yellow feet and light feathers are male. Here is a female between two males.
Th drive by farmer raking alfalfa, they rolled it later, not sure how that works as it was not cured, guess they have to wrap it and let it turn to silage.
While in town I bought a box of beer, I can't quite figure out why they would make it camo and blaze orange (it matches the hunting hat) as you aren't supposed to out in the woods hunting with beer. It just makes no sense for them to do this. I can just see some guy diddy boppin through the woods with a twelve pack and his gun.
I finally got the tree saw repaired and spent too much time sawing dead limbs out of the tree in front of the house. After they were on the ground I used the chain saw on them but I am not in the mood to climb a tree with a chain saw these days.
I was going to finish mowing but the hops are ready to pick so that got put up to number one on the list of things to do.
Here is the basket that I used to pick with. I ended up with 3/4 bushel and now need to dry them. My fingers smelled really nice and hoppy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday 8/26

Catching up a couple of days back to Sunday when it was still wet and cloudy. We have actually had a couple of days without rain so I was busy this afternoon cutting grass. I put it on the garden but it was too muddy to till so I just put it on small weeds and walked on it since it is between the rows of greens.
This is a mimosa tree, some times after a rain the leaves close but today they were out, I guess it had rained so much that the tree didn't care.
Dusty is nosing around some of the small ragweed that stays closer to the ground than the giant ones that you could almost make a fishing pole out of.
Lots of butternut squash this year, glad that I covered the area with grass and hay so that they aren't laying in mud now.
My buddy was visiting and we got to talking about how his mother used a percolator when he was a kid so I got my grandparent's stove top one out and we made our Sunday coffee with it. Nothing like it, the smell fills the house, just take it easy and don't boil it.
 I did some more research and determined that my hops are ready to pick, at least the oldest ones are some will wait awhile. I took one to the brewery tonight and the guy agreed as he broke it open and everything looked good.
It was cool this morning and things just looked like fall, the corn is even turning color some.
I took a photo of the mushrooms that I saw on Saturday and they had lost their color and looked pretty much done for. They don't last long.
After supper we went west out to Callaway to drop off my car to get some much needed work done to the brakes and an oil change. Stopped at the brewery and got a couple bottles of some pale ale. They didn't have much beer on hand as they are getting orders to fill from the Bootlegger's Cafe. It is a good thing to have a shortage if you are selling.
There were right many people there and this fellow brought his Louisiana Catahoula Leopard  Dog out, I think it was too young to have a brew though. They are used to herd cattle but this one got stepped on by a cow and had it's leg broken but recovered and is now out and about.
The boys have had some art work done since I was there last. I am glad that we stopped by as they are going to be closed for a couple weeks to get orders cranked out. I need to look for my capping tool as they are going to be putting some in bottles and need volunteers to fill and cap.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday 8/23

My friend is visiting for the weekend with a new camera so we went out and took some photos this morning. Some of these girls are sisters of the steers that we had, they were friendly and came to the fence to get scratched as the owner treats them good.
We found some really odd color mushrooms along the road, I don't usually see big yellow ones.
I suspect that they are not a very good thing to eat.
I thought this was a castle at first but realized that I was looking at the monastery from the side.
 We eventually made it out to look at the old sawmill at one of my coworkers. It is still in pretty good shape and could probably be put back into action with a little work.
It has a good size power plant with a big straight pipe exhaust, probably has a nice roar to it.
They used steam for the mill at one time and there are pieces of steam engines nearby.
I took pictures of the antique cars here back in the spring but really want to do another series of photos of them in the fall when the leaves are on the ground around them.
We went out to Chaos Mountain for supper and to try a beer. I had one beer that had extra hops but it was a little too bitter. I will stick to the ale that they make at Callaway.
They have a good size operation and there was a small crowd there but the metal roof and concrete floor made the acoustics almost unbearable for my ears, I would have used ear plugs had I had them.
So this old codger won't go back unless it is nice weather and we can stay outside.
A rain came in and blew a tent around the parking lot. We really don't need any more rain for the rest of the month.
There was flooding in the road on the way home and at one point a tree had fallen across but I helped a bunch of guys hook a log chain to the top and break it off to where we were able to roll it out of one lane and cars could get by. I got soaked and now smell like a pine tree. It was raining too hard to get a photo of that mess.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday 8/21

Just a few clouds this morning but each day, more seem to build during the afternoon. We missed a storm late yesterday and sure don't need more water on the ground.
The ragweed is starting to put out pollen so a rag is needed when that happens. This is a great ragweed that didn't grow too large, many get about 8 feet tall. The small ones grow shorter and seem to have more pollen. All are worthless plants though I thing the steers ate them.
I can't remember what these bushes are called but they are common around old home sites from the 1800s. They come in white as well.
This weed is called ground cherry and a jelly is sometimes made with them but I think that they are really just a wild tomatillo .
The greens are coming along nicely but need weeding.
Today's big project involved going to Lexington with my coworker who has been working on the canning exhibit in search of my grandfather's tin can sealing machine. We actually found two of them, this was the professional electric model and the other was his first had crank one. They were still in the cannery that he built and left over 60 years ago and appear to be in working condition. It was heavy and had to be wrestled into the car then the same at work onto a wheeled moving pallet.
Here is the cannery and it is still in pretty good condition and was probably built around 1942 as there was a big war effort to produce more food.
It was a long day but it is nice when a plan comes together and we not only got access to the building but the current owner donated the equipment to the exhibit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday 8/19

We are still getting rain nearly every day it seems, it may just be a shower but it keeps things wet. A real good environment for mushrooms.
I got things done around the house this morning and then left to pick up the rest of the beef in Floyd. It was cloudy here but sunny there the whole time.
It was in 9 bushel boxes and I wrapped the load in blankets and threw my fire wood on to hold it down.
Of course it was pouring rain at home so I used the wheelbarrow to haul the boxes to the cellar. 8 boxes filled up the freezer and the 9th went to the old freezer. Lots of burger, roasts and some steaks.
I fixed tacos with real hamburger for supper.
Here is a neat photo that I took of a crow taking off from the road while we were waiting on the bus. It is using full power with each wing stroke coming from vertical to get the most lift.