Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday 4/16

Sunny and nice light this morning but it was 28F degrees.
I was up during the night putting wood in the furnace as it felt like winter was back again.
The steers have eaten their new pasture down and are starting to eat hay again after not wanting any part of it for a week.
Busy day at work and I took the truck and brought back the large photographs that I got in Richmond, so big that they won't fit in the car.

Brought in 2 more wheelbarrows of firewood as it is supposed to be below freezing again tonight.

Looks warm out there as the sun sets.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday 4/15

Catching up from Sunday as three of us from work went to the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond to get exhibit cases and other items that were to be thrown away. The whole exhibit is being renovated as in torn apart and rebuilt in a new design. So we were at the museum on Monday morning.
We got Plexiglas cases and other display items and as we were moving them out, the rooms were being demolished to open up the space for renovation.
We put our items that we rescued near the service elevator then got them down to the loading dock where our truck was backed in. It was a busy day.
A hard hat area with all kinds of hammering and sawing up the old walls.
The truck went back to our museum where we are storing the stuff to be used in some of our future exhibits. It is nice to be able to recycle some real nice displays so that they don't get sent to a landfill.
We unloaded everything this afternoon in between rain showers.
We had heavy rain last night and it was still cloudy and rainy most of the day.
There were low clouds blowing in under the higher ones making things look dramatic.
After work I went through Callaway and stopped at the hardware that works on chain saws and cars as well as sells many other items. Anyway the guy checked the oiler on my saw as I wasn't sure it was working but he said everything was working right. They will also inspect my truck and he said they were getting a lot of customers who used to go to the old guy who died for repairs. So I should at least have the truck running if I have to have work done on the car.
I let Dusty graze on the way back from pasture and gave him a pile of hay so he was happy for awhile.
The sky started clearing after supper.
I switched to color for the last shots of the day. The orange clouds were racing to the south and the high clouds were racing to the north, spectacular to see in action.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday 4/13

The farmer was spraying poison all along where I was going to cut wood yesterday so I worked in the garden. There is an area in the west garden that is dry enough to till so I did a long double row of beets.
One of the guys who hunts rabbits gave me several containers of plants that he had started in his greenhouse so I planted head lettuce, broccoli and cabbage in the next row. It didn't fill the entire row so I put broad leaf mustard from where the plants left off to the end as bugs don't bother that as much as the other greens.

This morning I took plastic that I used to cover the steer hay and used it to get my greenhouse/cold frame what ever you want to call it back in operation so that I can put the containers of seedlings out when they start coming up.
Ground ivy blooming.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday 4/11

Off to work this morning so a few more drive by photos.

Back from work and mixed up some compost and soil for starting seeds.
Filled up my platers which I found at a trash dumpster several years ago. The new one showed up this year from somewhere. Anyway they work good.
I planted all of them with tomatoes except for one with peppers. All of the seed was what I saved except for a package of tomatoes that someone gave me. They sure don't put many seeds in packages now so I planted them in the small container. Put the whole lot on top of the mobile brooder so the warmth will go up through the planters.
Here is a peek inside at the chicks after a week. Starting to get a few more feathers and are a lot more active.
I let Dusty eat clover in the yard this afternoon, it is his favorite but he doesn't like the wild violets that are mixed in and will avoid them and spit them out if he can.
Violets come in two colors, the ones with white.
And these.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday 4/10

I saw the setting hen out eating so I went in this morning and checked her eggs. They are still intact and there are a few extra ones  that some one added.
She is the yellow one that is busy eating since she only leaves the nest once a day if that.
Soon she was back in the nest box all fluffed up keeping the eggs warm.
I went up above the house along the edge of the woods and dropped a good size tree of heaven. It sawed up pretty easy and is not far from where I can get the truck.
It split into nice big pieces and there was a good bit of rounds that didn't need splitting. I only had two forked pieces with knots that I left laying.
The truck is full so I left a little pile laying.
I couldn't unload the truck because the pile of manure that I got the other day was blocking the road so I spent the rest of the afternoon hauling it to the garden and throwing it out on the upper west garden. I almost got the rest of it covered but ran out of manure. Did afternoon chores and Debbie helped with Dusty and the watering as I was getting tired by then.
After supper I went out and stacked the wood into the wall of wood then went back to the woods and got what I had left.
You can tell today's wood as it is still white. I would say it is maybe a load and 1/3 as I had the truck overloaded on the first trip. Lots more work to be done, I hate to think about it as I don't have time to do it.
It was 31 and frosty this morning but it didn't bother the wild turnips though some drooped a little.
The supervisor was sleeping in my truck seat when I went to unload the wood, she was just waiting to see how long a break I would take then she hopped out because bad things happen around trucks.
The sun went down on me today while I was working on the wood, it was breezy so it didn't get too hot today but I drank most of a jug of water.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday 4/9

These bushes used to be really bright and pretty but they need to be cut to the ground again as they have been several times, after the blooms go they are just another weed to me.
I don't use much weed killer but this might be a good candidate for it.
I was on time today so I got a few drive by shots.
This is the same farm as the previous photo, lots of buildings there.
Same farm yet another building.
Started working on 4 large folders of 35mm negatives today, identifying and entering data into the computer. Soon I will know a lot about the last 40 years of what went on at our organization as most are by the BRI photographers.
Speaking of which, I stopped at the new Ferrum Mercantile that is due to open in a matter of days to see how things were going.
Very busy, all types of workers going about tasks in all directions, inside and out.
Photos from our files have been enlarged and mounted and will go up around the eating areas and show scenes from Ferrum from around 100 years ago.
There is a deli as well as a pizza shop. It will be a convenient location being across the street from the college.
 Next door is the campus police building and just around the bend is the actual town of Ferrum.
The warm weather and rain have really got the grains growing. On the right edge of the photo you can see that this variety of kale has survived and come back for spring. I will let it grow and save the seed since it made it through the winter that killed the other greens. I fixed some for supper, still good!
I have been worried about the girls getting near the rooster so I decided to test him this afternoon at feeding time. I didn't carry the machete which he fears for some unknown reason and carried my pistol. Sure enough he attacked me again but unfortunately he brought a rooster to a gun fight and he got blown out of the gene pool. It is so strange that he would run from a large blade but have no fear of anything else, truly a dangerous bird. I had hoped the outcome would have been different.
The good news is that the hen is still setting on the eggs and maybe in a few weeks we will have more chicks for the farm museum.
Some of the hops have popped through after the rain, they do grow really fast it seems.
Aggy went for a dip in the pond.
A wild pear tree is blooming near the steer water trough.
The peaches are still blooming and bees have moved in, many are honey bees from somewhere distant.